November 8, 2009

Hi there Sunshine!

The weekend was extra special for me.
It was a weekend that consisted completely and totally of hands on activity.
Which is next to Heaven for me!

Friday I spent the day doing a little bit of Avon Work, grocery shopping, and visiting my nanny and pawpaw (which is one of my absolute FAVORITE things to do)

Friday night I had a LOVELY time painting

For Miss Raeghan's 16th Birthday.

On Saturday
My wonderful Mother  treated me to Christmas Village
which was such a fun time & I loved spending time with just my mom.
We never get to to do that.
She's the BEST!

Then we cooked
and I baked for Raeghan's Birthday party

Some Super Cute Strawberry Cupcakes!

Here are a few photos from Raeghan's party.
She's Lovely!

I made a REALLY great new Friend
with a great name

her name is Miss Xan

I know, She's so Cute, and I'm SO glad I finally got meet her

Completely sums up our friendship!

was such a great weekend.
It just didn't last long enough for me!

So its back to the hectic life of school and studying:)
its a good thing I REALLY enjoy school

Hope your weekend was as fun and Lovely as mine.
peaches friends.

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