August 24, 2009

Coming to a sad SAD end

Its my last day of Summer here in my hometown.

A little sad, but I'll be home every weekend.

What can I say?? I am a HUGE family girl. My Family is absolutely my everything!

So today, I'm going to treat myself to a nice little visit to the nail place to get a mani:)

My all Time Favorite Nail color.

Its so soooo Lovely!

Later, Im going to


to help my grandmother get my brother a new "Back-to-school" outfit.


Tonight, I'm going to be organizing and going through all of my painting, & drawing materials to see what all I will need for this semester.

as much as I dread being away from my Lovely family,

I am SO excited to be back in the swing of creating, and creating, and creating more!!!!

I love my EDUCATION!

Here are a few things that will be inspiring me this semester


such an inspiration(=])

In my painting class, We are going to be painting some furniture.

I want to do something like these

They have so much potential!!

Well I'm off to get dressed.

You all have a lovely Day!

P.s. if you have any suggestions of some furniture Ideas, feel free to comment!

Love Loves BB

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