June 3, 2009

Beginning Another Long drawn out day...Or so it seems

after my exhausting day yesterday, I was hoping to have a more graceful morning, and hoping time would go by a little quicker today. Man my assumptions this week are just completely missing target this week.

I stayed up pretty late last night watching useless telly, so I was expecting to have a rough time getting myself out of bed this morning. Luckily I had no trouble at all. Getting dressed and ready to leave went by smoothly. I made it to class on time, but when we got in there to start class we still couldn't log into our accounts. Man those IT people need to get their tooshies in gear! So the professor proceeds to tell us to leave class for about a half hour or so, come back, and HOPEFULLY they will work.

So again, another glorious, bright, and shining morning being wasted, and going by painfully slow.
More later on how this day turns out!
Pray it goes by a tad bit quicker than yesterday.

Hello Again!
Okay so the rest of my day today went fantastic.... I got to actually paint today:)
ill work on posting what i did today.....
Here is the one with color added:)

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