June 5, 2009

Loving it...

Still in class. Will update this post later on tonight.

its the weekend....in about 4 hours or so:)
tootlies my loves

So here I am fulfilling my promise of this update.
This week has turned out to be fantastic
School is great..., long, but great
The classes are very long but I have already learned so much in just a tiny week.
Right now Im at home (in birmingham).
Im such a family girl. I come home every weekend to be with my family. It feels like an eternity just being away from my family throughout the week, so when fridays get here im biting at the bits to get home ASAP!
There is absolutely nothing like home and the love of family.
but as always a great weekend with the family has flown by, and todays the day to travel back to florence for another week of expanding my knowledge and creativity, Sounds like pretty fantastic trade to me. It really is such a sacrifice, not only for me but for everyone in my family. But I know this is Gods plan for me, and Its all going to be worth it REALLY soon.

I only have about a year left of school so I guess I cant complain.
Well its sunday so Im getting ready to head out for church. Oh and today at 5 is my precious little cousin Reilly's birthday party. Its a pool party at the grandparents house, so Ill post photos from that later on tonight or tomorrow sometime.

Later Gator:)

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