April 7, 2017

Honeymooners Never Want to Come Home

Hello there!!

So I'm settling into married life and so far I L O V E it! I know there will be tough times because thats life and we all go through troubles. But right now, I'm just going to sit back and enjoy this newlywed season while I can and know that when those tough times do come, Aaron and I will conquer them together because we have God on our side :)

Y'all, our honeymoon was incredible! This made my sixth cruise to date and it was the best one I have ever had. That is saying a lot because I really thought my New Years Cruise from last year would always top them all. But I was so wrong. First of all the Carnival Conquest was sooo me! The entire ship revolved around...guess what?!?! A R T!! All of the restaurants, dining rooms, show rooms, pretty much EVERYTHING was named after famous artists. Not only that, the ship was decked out in works from Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh, Dali, and the list could go on. Not only that, the ships art gallery had some really amazing artists that filled its walls. 

Aaron and I went to every single art talk and auction they had on the cruise. Unfortunately, our budget couldn't quite fit the nice and beautiful price tags just yet, but when you value what art truly is, you know that those pretty price tags hanging on those pieces are worth every cent they are asking for them. And if I had an extra couple of thousand to just splurge, you better believe it would have been right there in that gallery. Ahhhh...YES, one day ;) It meant a lot to me that Aaron went and wanted to go to those with me and he actually enjoyed them. 

As far as Aarons favorite part, if I had to guess, I would guess the unlimited amount of delicious food! There was this burrito place and every single day we just had to have it. We could not pass it up! It was some of the best food I have ever had. Not to mention endless amounts of PIZZA!!! Ha.

Here are some of our photos from our FUN FUN FUN trip! Enjoy :)

DAY ONE: This day was a "Day at Sea" and then our first formal dinner :) So, we didn't layout too much because there was so much going on throughout the ship and we didn't want to miss anything! It was SO much fun!

DAY TWO: We visited the Island of Grand Turk which is part of the Turks and Caicos Islands and Holy HEAVEN this place was stunning. Absolutely by far my favorite place I have ever been to. We will definitely be going back to Grand Turk (in a year! wooo).

So obviously here was swam with Sting Rays...ummm, I was SCARED! I wasn't scared holding them  or feeding them. I was only scared when they would swim up to my feet. I was terrified I would get knocked over and step on it and die ha. But it was so cool feeding them and holding them.

 DAY THREE: We swam with precious Dolphins and it was a dream come true! It was such an amazing day. We were in Amber Cove which is in the Dominican Republic. We got to swim, pet, hug, kiss, and play with dolphins and a baby dolphin which was the cutest thing I have ever seen. I kept having to choke down my tears because they were so precious and their demeanor reminded me so much of our sweet baby Bucky so I couldn't help but get emotional. Plus we ALL KNOW how much I adore animals.

So the swimming with the dolphins was pretty awesome, but that wasn't the best part! Later during the day, Aaron and I were walking over a bridge and we were looking down over the water at two little kiddo Dolphins swimming around. The next thing we know a big rock comes flying out of one of the dolphins mouths. So, Aaron tossed the rock back to the Dolphin and what do you know, that cute little guy went after the rock. Long story short we played fetch with a Dolphin for about 15 minutes. Just Me, Aaron and these two sweet Dolphins. It was seriously the most adorable and special moments of my life. Ya'll, I love animals!!! So so much. 

Also throughout the first few nights, we kept getting sweet little surprises from my lovely new brothers-in-law. Totally made me so excited like a little child every time we would go in the room and there was something new! Thanks Ryan and Mike. That was so thoughtful and so so sweet! I will never forget it. 

DAY FOUR: This was another fun day at sea! Aaron and I just went to a few art talks on this day. We took a very long nap, enjoyed our balcony view, hit up the casino for a bit and played BINGO. This was also our second formal dinner. 

DAY FIVE: We explored the ATLANTIS! It was wonderful. A lot of walking because the place is so gigantic but it was totally worth seeing. They have loads of aquariums so that was right up the husbands alley and I loved seeing his enthusiasm. He really knows a whole whole lot about fish. It was kind of fascinating! The Atlantis is a gorgeous place and I would love to go back to really explore everything it has to offer. 

DAY SIX: Sadly we woke up back in Fort Lauderdale, Florida! We were not in the least ready for our trip to be over. It really was the best trip I have ever been on. I love my sweet husband so much. He is what made the difference between this trip and all of the other trips I have been on. He's such a blessing to me. He knows how to have fun and he knows how to bring out the best in me. I can't help but have the best time whenever I am with him. 

Thanks for reading about our honeymoon! We sure hope you enjoyed taking a peak. We're already booked for our one year anniversary cruise. We can't wait! We love carnival and we love cruising. 


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