April 5, 2017

03.25.17 The Most Amazing Day of My Life

Hi There Friendies!
Aaron and I are finally back from our honeymoon and it was an absolute wonderful time with my
H U S B A N D!

Wow, it feels real real nice to say that ;) So let me start off by saying planning a wedding is tough t o u g h and it takes a lot of energy and time to do so. That's pretty much the main reason I've been MIA from my blog here and the fact that my laptop bit the dust. Thankfully, my sweet man got me all fixed up with a new MacBook. So now I am finally able to blog again!

So a wedding is a day that a lot of ladies, even as little girls, dream of for years and years. But, to be quite honest with you, I never could picture myself getting married...until I met Aaron. I knew I always wanted to get married but I couldn't ever picture it because I hadn't met the right person. Putting all the time and effort into planning our wedding was worth every single ounce of time, energy, and stress because our wedding was a DREAM for me. Everything was absolutely perfect, horrible weather and all and its a day Aaron and I will remember and look back on for the rest of our lives together! I cannot believe I am now

Here is a small preview of our special day! 
Enjoy :)

I will be back in a bit with the fun details of our honeymoon!!

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