April 2, 2016

Product Review: Fragrant Jewels

Hi Friends! 
I hope your weekend is off to a great start. Mine has been pretty great. 
It's been a somewhat lazy day here.

I wanted to tell you about this amazing company that I just recently tried out. 
It's call Fragrant Jewels.  
and I am completely o b s e s s e d !

So the first thing I ordered was a bath bomb. I am obsessed with bath bombs in general. But really, how much more amazing is a bath bomb that has a hidden gorgeous ring inside. 


With my first order, I received an extra ring for FREE <3
My free ring is so gorgeous. It's a round halo. The band is very slim with an antique-ish detail. 
The detail on the side of the ring is exactly what I want my wedding band to look like!

Isn't my free ring super pretty!

Fragrant Jewels not only offer bath bombs, but candles and fragrance beads as well. 
So here is the super fun part about the rings hidden inside each product, each ring comes with a code. Once you get it, you enter the code into their jewelry vault and it tells you how much your ring is worth. You have a chance of winning a $10,000 ring! Can you imagine winning a 10,000 ring from a $24 candle or a $15 bath bomb? 

When you go to order whichever product you want, you get to pick what size ring you want. The company has several scents for both candles and bath bombs. I got the Cotton Candy Bath Bomb and I can still smell the sweet scent on my skin. Also, my skin is super soft! This is probably one of the best bath bombs I've ever purchased. Not only did it smell amazing it was a fantastic size!

The ring inside my bath bomb was similar to my free ring! The stones around the center stone, as well as down the band were larger than the ones on my free ring. 
Such a gorgeous ring!
My rings were worth $25 and I am very very happy with my purchase from Fragrant Jewels. In fact I was so happy I turned right around and made another purchase as soon as I got out of my bath! I want that $10,000 ring, but that isnt why I made another purchase. I am planning on making all of my candle purchases from here on out from Fragrant Jewels. I am totally in love. Oh did I mention it got here in only a few days. Some of the reviews I've read, some people had issues with shipping, but each product is made to order so it takes a little bit of time to process the order!

So so sooo glad I  came across this company. I have some really great ideas for future use of it too :)


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Anonymous said...

Don't order from this company. I placed my order on Oct. 14th as a present for my wife and today is the 27th of Oct. and it still hasn't shipped. After spending 45min on the phone waiting for there customer service on the 21st of Oct. I was told it would ship the following Monday. Today I waited another 30 min to be told maybe it will ship tomorrow. I tried emailing the company to get updates. Emails take 48hrs at a minimum to get a response. They have canned answers and even forgot to paste over in them the info. This company is a joke, they have no customer service. BUYERS BEWARE!!!!