April 22, 2016

New Styling Tools!

Holy Heaven my dear friends, I don't know if I have ever been so happy for the weekend. I feel like this week has been TWO MONTHS long. I honestly think its because last Saturday night Aaron and I went out to celebrate Kelley's 30th Birthday. We were out so late and they stayed out even later than we did! I just haven't had enough down time to recover from it. Well Kelley....You definitely brought in your 30's with a bang! Haha <3 Love that crazy lady! So I say all of that to say this... This weekend I am not doing anything except going to Church and a family birthday party! Oh and Belle's Night Out on Saturday night! 

So on to something that I have gotten around to sharing! I've had a couple of people asking about my hair and what I've been using on it! Well, I have to brag on my Handsome Man for a second. A few weeks ago, Aaron surprised me with a new flat iron from LUV Hair Inc. So he thought he was purchasing me a new flat iron. He was ordering online, btw. He knew it came with other things, but didn't know what they were! Well to my surprise it was a brand new flat iron along with a curling wand with FIVE different attachable barrel sizes. I have been in HAIR STYLING HEAVEN ever since. Before he bought me this thoughtful surprise, my Chi was completely worn out. But I have used that thing almost every single day for well longer than I can remember and I would use it to curl my hair! Needless to say, since I got the curling wand, I haven't even tried out the flat iron yet! Haha You did good babe, you did so good <3

So here's my new hair styled with my new curling wand. I think this want was maybe an inch barrel. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It makes my hair look thicker than it already is. I love big hair! We all know this about me by now ;) I love messy big natural looking hair and this gives me JUST that! 

Just wanted to share with all of you that have been asking!
Be back sometime this weekend.
Bye now

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