September 28, 2015

Weekend List #8

Hello there!
Was anyone else's weekend WAY too short?
Mine was and I already can't wait until this coming weekend. I hate wishing my life away, but weekends are just so dang fun....that is, when work isn't involved in anyway!
This weekend I REALLY REALLY need/want to have a yard sale. I have so much crap that I just need to get rid of. SOOOOO many clothes, nice clothes, that I simple just don't wear. Any tips on pulling off an awesome yard sale on a quick notice?
Anywho, here's my fun Weekend I Love List! Enjoy :)

1. Let's Talk
2. Kardashian's anyone?
3. Laura Croft never ages :)
4. Telling Secrets
5. Quickie Dinner
6. Sell out of Starve?
7. Fly somewhere cheaper
8. Millennial's and their food

Well those are the things I thought were worth sharing this week :) Hope you enjoyed!!!

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