August 8, 2015

I Love List #2

1. My favorite little stationery designer just launched her new site.  Frances at Ledgewood Fine Stationery is the BEST!!!
2. A nice clean kitchen space.
3. Give yourself a break!
4. Everyone needs a little Morning Buzz?
5. A Brewery with the BEST Branding.
6. The creative process of Printmakers
7. Taking care of business in style!
8. You know, sometimes the soil you're planted in is the only thing that you need to change!
9. Beth Cooper makes me miss Hawaii.
10. People change over time, sometimes in dramatic and unexpected ways.

I hope you enjoy this weeks list! I'm off to a wedding today! My High School Prom date is getting married today <3 I'm so happy for the couple. I've known both of them my entire life and they both deserve exactly the kind of person that they are marrying today. It's exciting!!!

ALSO my best friend, Francelina is coming to Birmingham today and I couldnt be more excited!!!
Bye now 

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