August 1, 2015

I Love List #1

I L O V E ...

1. A good ole Bloody Mary! This recipe from a Beautiful Mess is sure to please.
2. "I haven't been everywhere, but its on my list." Spiritiles by Houston Llew
3.  A cute little baby Devon Rex. Anyone want to gift me one?

4. "The distinctive star buried in dark clouds is Herschel 3...." WIRED makes my weeks happy.
5. Stationery is something everyone should have for themselves
6. A few things about my favorite drink, COFFEE
7. Freeing up time to expand my knowledge
9. A delicious vegetarian dish
10. Have the perfect summer picnic

Check out some of my top links from the week! Please feel free to join in on the fun :)
Bye for now, 

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