July 17, 2015


This is an UNDERSTATEMENT. Why? Because today marks the twelfth consecutive day that I have had to work. It's been a fun, rewarding, yet an exhausting twelve days. 
I am SO thankful to have the jobs that I have, the healthy body I have to get through every day, and the people that inspire me to push myself. 

Life can be hectic and overwhelming sometimes. I think its important to revel in those times and see what you can get out of it. For me, I never want to get into some sort of "day-in & day-out" life where you just get in a routine where there is nothing new or exciting. I don't want to miss out on new opportunities or a chance to learn something new about life, about myself, about other people, etc.
Life's far too short for that nonsense.

So anyway, I said all of that to simple say, 
Do something new today to celebrate the fun life you have!

Bye now

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David Fallin said...

I needed that today. Thanks!