July 27, 2015

Having Fun and Balanacing a Scheduled Life

Hi there!!!

I logged on to my little blog here today to write a post and realized I hadn't posted in TEN days. What the heck!?!? You know that isn't the norm. I've really got to get my act together. So I apologize to all of you readers that continue to support my little space here.

So I need your help!! My life has gotten so incredibly busy. I love constantly going and doing but when the craziness starts to interfere with things that mean so much to me {such as my blog} then something has to be put into some sort of order.

So, here's what I'm going to do. Every evening, I'm going to start P L A N N I N G my day, from start to finish.  Literally writing out from the time my feet hit the floor to the time my head hits the pillow. It may sound a bit extreme to some people, but in my case its completely necessary.

So wish me luck with it :) also if you have any tips at all, please feel free to share. 

With these busy life, you better believe I make time for fun!! One way or another...Here's a few photos from my fun weekend in Georgia!

Living a balanced lifestyle is really important to me. I have to find a balance. I do my best by adding fun in every single time I get the chance! I am totally determined to get things in order!!
Does anyone else feel this way?!?!

Thank you so much for stopping by!!
Be back soon

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