June 10, 2015

Inspiration Collection

Hi friends!!! 
I'm so glad its the middle of the week.
My friends and I need to conquer just two more work days and then we are off to 
So pumped. We will be there all day Friday, stay Friday night, and then come back on Saturday at some point. 

So this week I've been focusing on keeping my artist vision on 24/7. Which isn't difficult because in all honesty it usually is on. I do see most things completely different from your "Average Joe" but I'm okay with it. I completely 100% embrace it.  So I've been feeling a little uninspired lately. So, this week I've been really focusing on things that spark some sort of curiosity in my brain. So I thought I would share with you!!!

A blog I just came across. I am constantly reading blogs. I love them...you all should know this by now. If I didn't love them, I wouldn't have my own.  Speaking of, I would love to know my readers opinions on what you would like to see here on ibB. I know I have a large range of lifestyle things I ramble about here, But I would love to know what you love seeing.


This is an online reading & publishing company. It has thousands of online magazines that you can read for inspiration, or look at the images for inspiration. Its really just a cool site!!
I would just love to know what Frida and Dahli think of theses portraits of themselves turned into 21st Century Hipsters. I don't know how I feel about this....
Watercolors by Jaqueline Maldonado!! Check out all of her colorful work on Society6. 
I am always looking for fellow artist to love!! Her work is stunning. If you know me, you know that I am NOT a fan of colors. I know its strange that my degree is in painting, yet I don't like colors. I t isn't that I just like HATE them and cant deal with them. It's just that I prefer black, white and grey...especially GREY! So most artists I assume love color and I love self expression through art, so I do love color at some level, maybe?!?!

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed a glimpse into things that are inspiring me this week! 
What's been inspiring you?? Please share away!!

Bye now

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