May 3, 2015

FUN Freakin Weekend!

Hello SUNDAY!!!

You guys, this weekend has been so fantastic. 
First of all we will start with the weather!
Could it have been more perfect?
I do not believe so. 

My weekend consisted of all of this goodness.

Seeing John & Jacob play in Chattanooga. First of all, Chatt is such a cute town and second of all, I got to see my best friend from Elementary School who I havent seen in 14 years! Seriously, thats insane! We picked up like we never skipped a beat. Love you Mere!
And of course seeing John & Jacob is always a blast. 

Saturday night was spent at a new venue downtown! Saturn! Seriously, if you live in Birmingham, you MUST check it out!!

And today was the usual Sunday. Church and lunch with the fam, now I'm about to head out for dinner with friends and then back to Saturn for some more music! I absolutely love this town and the people in it!

Hope your weekend has been as good as mine!
Bye for now

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