March 12, 2015

MAUI: Weather and Faith.

Hi Friends!!!!
I know I know.
I've been MIA for a few days. 

The weather has been having a few ups and downs lately.
Lets just recap a tad.
Monday, it was chilly out. Not much sun either. So, we worked.
Tuesday, Was probably the most G O R G E O U S day since I've been here! 
The Temp was about 73. The Clouds were gorgeous. You could clearly see both Lanai and Molokai from the beach. They looked SO close to us. They are only about 9 miles from West Maui. 

So, since it was so gorgeous, Faith and I worked until 1, and then we hit the beach for the afternoon. It was so so beautiful. Every photo I took just didnt do it justice so I decided to delete them!

Accompanying the gorgeous day, was an even more gorgeous sunset. And like I just said photos cant capture the beauty. 
But here is one I did keep. The colors are muted in the photo. The brightness and saturation of the real things was seriously something I've never seen in my life. This place continues to amaze me. 

The gorgeous weather was followed by a day of horrid disgusting cloudy slow and steady rain all day long. Faith and I had a little fun at Island Cream helping dan with some stuff. We worked the rest of the day. 

The closer it gets to my flight home, I just get such a sad feeling thinking about leaving the job I love more than anything. I love working for Faith. I love working with her. We are a team and a good one if I must say so myself. It makes me so sad to think about how frustrated I was with my career before God put Faith in my path thanks to an awesome lady {who i miss so much} named Hope. After four years of studying creatively, after working creatively as a designer, and still not feeling like I had found what I was meant to do, God opened the door for me to finally discover that thing I could do every day for the rest of my life to make an income. 

Things happen and we don't understand them sometimes. But I do have trust and faith that everything happens for a reason. Yes, I lost the job that I loved waking up and going to every single day. I can either dwell on the negative and get no where, or I can look at the pros that have come out of it. Pros being, HELLO, I have been blogging 
from H A W A I I 
for the past two months. Who gets that opportunity?!?! 

I have Faith that its for a greater good in my life. But I must have patience and trust going forward. 

Only Twelve days left of this. I am anxiously ready to be home, get settled back from being in Paradise. Talk about transition. I'm ready to get hard to work, wherever that may end up being, and I'm ready to SAVE SAVE SAVE money! haha:)

Alright, I'm off friends
Bye now

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