March 15, 2015

MAUI: perfection

Good Morning friends!
Yesterday the weather finally got her act together. 
It was 
G O R G E O U S 
so I was finally able to just stay on the beach all day!

The water was crystal with some serious impressive waves. Its so much fun to just sit there and watch people be trampled by them!
Hahaha I know that sounds cruel but it really is funny as long as they come up laughing and not choking. 

Since I've been here, I've been thinking, do you know how awesome it would be to have a personal photographer for my blog?!?! ummm HELLO amazing. 
My images would be so much better if I just had my cute guy following me along like most of these awesome bloggers do.
I don't know about you, but if the images in a blog aren't good, i usually dont visit the blog anymore. It might be because I work in the photography industry. But, I do feel like its a double standard when I have to post mediocre images. 
So, one goal for me starting as soon as I return to Alabama....I will start using my good camera, and I will start posting better images. 
I'm just trying to challenge myself here because I love my little space here in blogging world. 

Yesterday Faith and I got in the ocean!!! Holy Heaven, it was incredible. The water felt amazing. I love having long wet ocean hair. I love the sun reflecting off of ocean drenched skin. Its so beautiful. Have I mentioned that I am in L O V E with this place?!?!
Didn't know if I had told you at least ;)

Also, my eyes were Grey. This is my favorite kind of eye day. Grey is my favorite color, so when my eyes match that, its an awesome day!! They usually match whatever color is around me....As long as they are in the blueish tones. So, I wonder what color they looked when we were in the ocean!?!?

We went to dinner last night in downtown Lahaina. 
I love going there. I could sit there all night and people watch. Faith and I walked around while we were waiting for our table. We met a photographer who had a gorgeous gallery off of Front Street. His work was gorgeous. His arrogance was not. Its just too bad sometimes when really talented people let themselves get the best of them. 

Sadly, I have a week from tomorrow left of this dream I have been lost in for the past two months. As soon as I get back its mission time!!! Remember I am on the lookout for a job in Birmingham, So if anyone knows of anything please let me know!!!

Thanks friends for reading.
I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!!!
bye now

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