March 6, 2015

MAUI: Morning Zen- Les Mills

Good Morning!
Finally its here. The weekend.
It has been raining SO much this week. Yesterday morning, the rain finally left for a few hours and I was able to get in a little cardio and body balance in at Black Rock!

Lahaina is the most gorgeous place. I swear by it. Just curious but do any of my body flow people miss me?!?! I sure do miss all of you! Especially my partner in crime Lyssa Lou. I can't wait to be back instructing with you!!!

If you have taken Yoga before, I really REALLY recommend going to the Les Mills website and finding a Body Balance class close to you and give it a try. Its a mix of
 Yoga • tai-chi • Pilates
The best combination.
I feel amazing every single time I leave Body Flow,....or now called Body Balance!
Anyway, I am a certified instructor for Les Mills and would love for you to try out a class!
I can promise you that you will leave feeling so energized. 
I remember when I first started Body Flow a couple of years ago, I could barely touch my toes. Actually, I dont think I could touch them to be honest. My flexibility has increased drastically. My legs are strong...S T R O N G. My balance is on point most days. And just my overall as a human being I feel balance in my life. 
IF you have any questions please feel free to ask. 

I must say, being able to do my practice with such incredible views has definitely spoiled me. BUT I know exactly where my mind will be transported to every single time I step into the fitness room with dim lights and closed in walls. And every single time I will feel incredible joy, longing, determination, beauty, love, DRIVE. And all of these continued feels will get me back to this place of paradise on earth.

NAMASTE friends

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Lindsay Otis said...

I just started Kiva Hot Yoga which they have different types besides hot and it sounds silly but it has really changed my life. It's so calming and you see results and gain confidence. It's a great, healing workout. When you come home, you need to try bikram with me!