February 16, 2015

Maui: Pink by Nature

Hi there!!
Its time to share a few things from this past weekend!

On Saturday, the weather was horrible.
We started with breakfast at one of my favorite places in Maui!
The Plantation!
We saw a wedding ceremony take place that was forced indoors because of the weather. It was still a beautiful setting...I mean come on, it's still Hawaii, right?!?

So we spent the rest of the day going to different towns. We went Upcountry. One of our first stops was in Makawao. 

Here I came across this shop!
Here are a few views of their wonderfully designed shop.

Their selection was beautiful. They also had another shop a few stores down that was just for men and Home decor as well...I may have looked in that one longer. If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with Men's Fashion over womens.
The other store was called Homme by Nature.

Both shops wonderful selections but just their entire design and decor style was perfection for my taste.

After we walked in the rain for a bit, we drove to Paia. Such a cool town. Unfortunately because of the rain, everyone who normally would have been on the beach was out in the little town and it was packed, so we never got out of our car. We just opted on that idea and started to head back towards Lahaina. 

It was still a fun fun day none the less.
Again, still in Hawaii, so whats there to complain about?!?

I have way more posts from this weekend, but I'm going to split them up so you can get all of the scoop on some of my favorite views!

Remember, Monday is only what you make it!

Bye now 

OH P.S. I finally got my actual BODYFLOW certification in, so I am officially a Yoga-Tai Chi-Pilates Instructor! WOOHOOOO
Now to find a facility on the island that I can instruct at! So exciting. 

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