January 24, 2015

Florida. Florence. Maui

Hi Hi HI!!
Where on earth have I been?!?! I know I know....its been a few days and way too long since I have had time to post. This last week has been nothing but F U N.

SYNC was fantastic and I learned SO much, met great photographers, and made new  friends. 

I also got to spend the night with my Bestest, Francelina Mae Mae for a night. Catch up on life and telly with her. Gah I miss her!

 I also Got to have lunch with Harry in downtown Montgomery at Central. It was an awesome restaraunt. The decor was completely 100% my style and taste. If you're ever in DT Mont. Definitely stop by!!

I got to see Julie, along with the sweet pups Ollie Wolly & Bootsie

I also got to spend an entire day in Florence <3 See Mary Mac, Trueman, Katie Bug & Harpie!

Thursday morning, I left ALABAMA for M A U I 
Harry is a sweetie and drove 3 hours just to see me before I left. I am going to be gone for a whole month so I of course was okay with it.

All of our flights were good and I honestly couldnt get to Maui fast enough. I just was SO excited to see my bud and paradise all at the same time. 
Gyp Gyp was SO excited when she saw us. 
It was awesome!!!

So here are a few photos from DAY ONE on the stunning Island of MAUI

Day one couldnt have been better!!! I saw whales, I met tons of people on the beach, had awesome fantastic delicious food, played with Gypsy, visited art galleries, FINALLY got to go to Island Cream Co. {Stop by their site!}

I will share more about Island Cream Co. in a post all on its own.

So here's to day TWO and absorbing every single moment of today!


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