April 2, 2014


Hey friends!
I've been thinking about weaknesses these past few days.
Weaknesses are something that we don't talk about too often....I mean you might, but I sure don't. Who likes to talk about things they just aren't that great at?

So many times I try to ignore my weaknesses. Hide them, like they don't exist. But they DO! We all have them. 
I've realized that since I have been able to pinpoint my weaknesses, call them what they are, and accept them I have changed my thought process, my work flow, and it has made a world of difference in my life. 

I'm a perfectionist, which has its pros & cons. Most of the time, people try to improve on things that aren't their strong suit. ABSOLUTELY! There is always room for improvement and a chance to better ourselves. However, over the past few months, I have thrown out my weaknesses! Completely tossed them. No, not because I want to hide them, or make them non-existent, but simply for the reason that I am choosing to put my energy into something worth while. Instead of spending time on weaknesses, trying to improve on them, I am honing in on my strengths and making those stronger. 
This statement is so SO true! 
Don't waste energy or time trying to improve on things that aren't important. When you hone in on your strengths, it only makes you stronger, more enthusiastic, more driven, and more passionate about what you were created to do. 

Happy Wednesday

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