April 28, 2014

FBW Day Two....and Three!

Hey there!!
I did NOT want to leave the beach at ALL. The weather was p e r f e c t and I couldn't have been with a better group of girls. We all had way WAY too much fun together.

Here are a few photos....enjoy!

Friday started off with a good run and workout, then full of BEACH time. Friday night we got all dolled up and had Frances a lingerie shower, then went out for a little fun as Schooners, then karaoked and danced the night away. F  U  N  night. 

Saturday we spent the day on the beach and napping...a very very chill day. Then we went to dinner and shopped!!! What more could you ask for? Except more time and a longer stay!

Sunday after working out, we packed up and headed home....sad day.

Loved this trip. Loved celebrating Frances. Loved spending time with such great girls that I dont get to see enough of. I cant wait for the wedding...another weekend full of good times and fun memories with these ladies.

To all of you sweet bridesmaids, I hope you all enjoyed the trip as much as I did. You are all so so soooo much fun to be around!

Bye now,

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