April 25, 2014

FBW Day 1

{ FBW = Frannie's Bachelorette Weekend }

I at one of the destinations I love most. The place that I am transported to when I think about some of the happiest and most fun memories of my life, "Meme's Beach". I have been coming to this part of Florida my entire life. I love the Carillons and I love Pinnacle Port. This area has such a huge place in my heart and I am so thankful that my Meme is so gracious to let us come here so often. She knows how much it means to us!!!

{Photo snagged from my run}

yesterday we spent the entire entire entire day traveling. Completely took our time, Stopped for Ice cream and fruit at Peach Park as well as stopped for a bathroom break a few handful of times. ha! But FUN fun car ride. 

We made it to Florida a little after 5 or so I guess!!!
Lydia had a GRAND Idea to have Frances a huge bag full of a small goodie gift from each one of us bridesmaids and she would open one up at every stop and every hour that we were traveling. SUCH an amazing idea....especially to have for the "goodie=prize" queen. Frances is the bomb at giving prizes just 'cause.

Heres what all Frances got from each of us!!

{Lydia-made the bag; Clair-got beach games; Leah-got the camera strap; Lyndsie-got the bracelet (awesomeness from Relique) Mindy-got the beach spike; Brittney got the frappe; Mareth-got the nail polish and makeup; Brianna (me)-got the magazines and frannies all time favorite trail mix!
The last goody Leah and I got for everyone; A cute drink bottle with nail supplies in them, lipsmackers, and of course a princess wand!!!

Here are a few group shots!
These ladies are F U N.
This trip has started off MUCH NEEDED and so great.

Bye now.
I'm off to the beach!


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