March 20, 2014

Top Insta

Hi there!!!
We are on the downhill of the week and I'm super ready for Friday. Heading to Birmingham as quick as I can get off of work. I'm ready to see my fam and spend time with my ham friends. 

You all know I LOVE l o v e good ole Instagram. It's so much fun, and I love seeing a glimpse into peoples lives that I will never meet and who have drastically different lifestyles than my own. It's so neat to me how we all live in the same world, and are so different from one another, but really are all the same at the exact same time. 

Here are five of my favorite Instagram accounts. Yes, only five because I could stay here all day listing them. I might have to have a version two of this post as well!

Here they are...

I follow tons of fitness and healthy lifestyle accounts. They are so motivating. Obviously I follow way too many fashion accounts of designers I can not afford. Nathan Brechts account is so hilarious to follow. Its basically an account about his beard. haha It's insane but such a great one. Kinax is the cutest little asian girl. I started following them when she was a wee little one...shes growing so fast!! Adam Gallagher's account is my absolute FAVORITE of all instagram accounts I follow. His style is so freakin on point I cant even handle it. Its perfection. Good Lord. Love his style.

So thats round one of my favorite Instagram accounts. 
What are yours?!?

Bye now,

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