March 27, 2014

SWL----Flowy Tee

Hey there! It's e a r l y.
and why am I up?!? GYM time. I've been putting some serious time into the gym and I'm loving it. I'm so sleepy right now and honestly DO NOT want to get out of my apartment this early, but it's definitely worth the struggle once I get there. So Rewarding.

I told you all a couple of weeks ago {maybe even last week} How excited and in love I was with So Worth Lovings new striped tee. Well, I got mine!!!! and I'm even more in love with it in person than I was on their site.

It's perfect and makes me so happy for the spring.
Sunday I just wore it with a simple skirt, boots, and long cardigan.

Thanks to Raegy for the shots.
How you checked out SWL and the message they are spreading?
Check them out!!!

Bye now

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