March 8, 2014


Is anyone else ready for the BEACH? I can NOT wait to go! Just a s h o r t seven weeks until I am there celebrating the last "single days" of my best friends.

Gosh I can't believe Frannie Mae & Brents engagement has just zipped right on by. It seems just like yesterday that we were on the hunt for her dress! I know the two of them are so insanely ready to just be married. 

Frances and I have been going hardcore at the gym. I love it so much. I love feeling tired and pushing myself despite the feeling. I also love that this is just another thing to add to the long long list of memories made with Francelina. 

So, in honor of our upcoming beach trip, here are a few beach essentials I'm kind of dying to have. enjoy!


I know I know....most women like super ridiculous bright colors on the beach. Don't get me wrong I would rather see obnoxious bright colors on a beach than in normal everyday wear but, for me, bright colors aren't for me whether in beach or every day wear. I love love L O V E black on the white sand!!

The last two pieces are my absolute favorite and I think I might just HAVE to have them for this beachy trip. I am beyond excited to spend a few days at the beach wit some of the coolest gals I know. It's going to be a F U N weekend getaway.

OH HAPPY SATURDAY!!! I am in the ham seeing the family for the weekend. FUN TIME!

Tootles for now, 

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