February 17, 2014

Weekend via Instagram!

Another eventful weekend unfortunately had to come to an end! I'm always sad at how fast they zoom by. I partially think that its my fault they fly by so fast because of how much I try to squeeze into two days. I can't help it though. I love staying on the go!! 

Here are a few photos from my weekend starting from Sunday and back tracking to Friday.

Sunday night I went to Concert Esperanza. It was a benefit worship night for Hope House in Honduras. They had several worship bands, took up donations, had a silent auction for art pieces <3, and several other things! I had such a great time. I got to see some of my favorite people. ONE of which I haven't gotten to see in SO long. TRES KENNEDY!! Holy gee batman...he's teeny tiny!! Love you Bubs! SO ill right now that I didn't get a picture. Next time for sure!

Before the Worship night the whole Fam went to the UAB baseball game. Raeghan is a Diamond Doll so we were there to see her and cheer on the Blazers. It was a good game but the weather was what was so incredibly perfect.  

Saturday I went for a run with my mom. I met a friend along the way. A cute pup with a bag of goodies. He followed me home. oops. Saturday mom and I also went to Sephora...
We had to!! Just HAD to!

Saturday night, Raeghan and I had ourselves a little date to see a sappy love story movie. 
Oh and more importantly PANERA. y u m.

Friday night I drove from Florence to Birmingham. Just drove and sang my heart out the entire two hours. so freaking fun. I love driving places. I love being on the road. 
My auntie and uncle had a cute valentine party at their house so I went there for a bit. Then my near life long best friend Will came and he, Rae, and I went to Starbucks downtown and chatted until they kicked us out. It was a super fun and chill night!

Frances and I also hit the gym realllllly early on Friday to get in our last workout TOGETHER for the rest of the week. It's not the same working out without her. Not as fun!!! WEDDING ARMS <3

Okay! Thats my weekend. I'm off to CLEAN my apartment and y e s it is ten after eleven p.m. but no biggie. Who needs sleep. 

Bye for tonight. 

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