January 12, 2014

Family Time & Epic Time

Hey Hey!!! A freaking fun and very blessed weekend is what I have had.
Here are a few photos from all of my fun. 

Here's the run down.
1. I got my hair cut Friday. I have the best boss who recommended Aleesha Crowe to me. THANK YOU FAITH. I now have my own hair stylist in Florence FINALLY after eight long years! haha

2. My jewelry on my counter was a mess...but it sure was a beautiful and pretty mess.

3. My Rae Rae Surprised me. I knew my mom and my auntie were coming to florence to visit me but I had no idea that my sweet Raeghan was coming. When I opened my door and her smiling face was standing there, my heart got SO happy. Gosh I just love that girl and glad she's BACK to Raeghan!!!

We went out to dinner. We had the Pie Factory. It was Awesome!

We talked and talked and talked about life and everything that is changing. I don't know what I would do without my family. They mean more to me than anything. I trust their advice and always take it to heart. 

4. Raeghan ducking in the back seat hiding while her mom was embarrassing her. GAH those two are hilarious. 

5. Late last night I found Dirty Dancing on T.V. Oh Patrick you are stunning. 
& Nobody puts baby in the corner. 

6. I got to do Zombie makeup today at church. I LOVE Epic. Like seriously I don't  think I could ever put into words how thankful I am that God led me to Epic that random Sunday when I was probably at the lowest point in my spiritual life. I was deep deep down in the dumps discouraged and ready to throw in the towel. I never ever imagined finding a place where I not only would find a church, but a church filled with his presence, filled with people who seek only his presence, a place where I have a FAMILY, a place where I have made some of the best friends I could ever have prayed for... I could go on and on and on. 

As always, God has showed me that if I just trust him with every single direction of my life, he will be faithful and he will put everything in my life that I NEED. {not want..but NEED.Huge difference}

So see. I've had a pretty fantastic weekend and sure hope you have too.
Be back later

my day was made today! I was grabbing some coffee at church this morning after I finished up zombiefying the Kelleys. As I was getting my coffee that sweet lady that was serving the cafe, said "I just love reading your blog." and it made my heart so incredibly happy.

You all have no idea how much that makes me want to cry. It means the world to me when someone enjoys my little space here. I've kept this blog going for quite some time now. I started out doing it just so my family would feel connected to my life while I was away for school. I had no idea what a huge impact my little blog would have on my life. It has become part of my being and I am so grateful for all of you who read it and continue to support what I love doing. 

Thank you all so much!!!

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