September 8, 2013

Above cloud 9 & Far over the moon!

Yesterday I was honored & blessed to help Frances on her exciting mission to find THE dress of her dreams! Well...I think we did JUST that! We had the best time. My only complaint, it went by way too fast! You know this girl was past cloud 9 and way far over the moon the entire day. Being around any kind of stunningly designed clothing makes my heart skip a few beats. So, by the end of the day...It took me a while to come down from my fashion high {this type of high isn't illegal} and I'm okay with that. Maybe I didn't want to come down from it. ha;) So along the way yesterday, we came across a few places & people that truly were amazing! NUMBER one on that list was the Finery in Huntsville. This bridal boutique knows how to treat a lady and has brilliant insights & knowledge. PERFECTION. I left there with the highest spirits I've had in a while!

After dress after dress after STUNNING BEAUTIFUL dresses, we went on to do a little bit of retail therapy to clear Frannie's head from a beautiful mess of WHITES & IVORIES. It helped a little. 

Me and how my brain operates had to slowly 'try' and calm down from the entire day. So, I did that by looking at what?! You got it! All of the designers that I had fallen in LOVE with throughout the day. Great plan right? Well let me just tell you....I had a TON of favorites....narrowed it down to three;) HARD! So here is three favorite designers for you & A BONUS!!!

Casie Vann 
{heidi elnora}

{hayley paige}

{tara keely}

That's the three dresses...for today;) and here is the BONUS!

Beautiful Robes! You definitely want to stop by their site and check them out.
More importantly, if you are a bride searching for THE dress, make an appointment with the Finery! You will leave their feeling like the most gorgeous, and special princess in the entire world!

Happy SUNDAY. I'm off to get dressed for a little tiny bit more retail therapy with Frances, then we are off to an awesome Bridal Event!

Later for now,


Briteny said...

I found my dress at Finery and Madeline is Amazing!! I had a wonderful experience!! I love the GORGEOUS 3rd dress by Tara Keely, it was my wedding dress!! ;) I got married in July!

Brianna said...

Britney, I love LOVE all of the dresses by Tara Keely. Frances dress she chose is actually by Tara...NOT the dress on my blog post, but gorgeous none the less!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.