August 6, 2013

Charlotte Fun!

Hey dearies! 
You know I was in COMPLETE Heaven while I was in Charlotte! Being around clothing day & night was completely amazing!!

Here are a few photos from our trip.

Sandra & I had the BEST time. I never imagined it being as great as it was. We picked up so many great lines and restocked on the lines that we already love so so much. 

I loved meeting gorgeous Mrs. Judy from High cotton Ties. She was so precious and she made some delicious cake. I met so many wonderful people and seriously had such a great time. I got to talk to Sandra and get to know her a little more. We had some really great bonding time:) and I loved it!!!

Another part of the trip that made the trip so awesome was something that most people probably wouldn't think twice about. But, it honestly made my weekend! It was my first time meeting & working with the guy in the last photo. When we walked into the showroom, the first thing I noticed was his WWJD bracelet. And I thought well thats by far the coolest bracelet I've seen all weekend. Come to find out, he is actually doing mission work in Spain. I don't think he realized how much talking to him made my day. It really put things in perspective for me...he said a few things about his story that made me realize that I need to re-prioritize my life. I realized yesterday that I should never be in this place where I feel like I am close enough to God. I want to always want more, to be closer...I can never have enough of him. I realized that I've become comfortable where I am and thats the furtherest thing from what I want. I had a completely different view on my relationship and priorities when I left that room. Its just the coolest thing to think that even right in the middle of an appointment at an apparel mart that God can completely transform my view. I just love it! and the icing on top of the cake, D gave me this amazing Koozie that I have been obsessing over for months!!!

Again, I had an amazing time on my trip to Charlotte with Sandra.
& I can't at work was insane trying to get back in the swing of things.
I might or might not be fighting my eyelids as I am typing this now!

Bysie Bye for now!

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