July 27, 2013

Handy Fest Night 3 & 4

Handy week is still kickin it...and Im not throwing in the towel just yet!
Wednesday night I went to Swampers and saw Rachel Wammack.

SWAMPERS is such a chill and NICE place! I love it!

THURSDAY night I went with Frannie Mae and her family back to Swampers to see our buddy Russell play! He's such a cool guy! I actually would LOVE to go see the fiddleworms play tonight...but dont know if I will make that one!

After hanging with the Adams, I met up with Justin and we saw quite a few people play!
We saw Tasha Hill play at Rivertown, The Midnighters down on Court Street, then FINALLY we saw the Pollies play FloBama! Good LORD the POLLIES <3<3<3 
I LOVE them! Cant wait to hear them play again!

Like I said this Handy Week has been the BEST!
Pictures from Friday soon:) 

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