June 1, 2013

So Worth Loving: Are We More Than Friends?

Hi love! I had to share a post I read that was written by {the obviously talented} Michelle Plett.

This post really REALLY struck home with me and made me so proud of myself. Sometimes my precious, sweet, loving, caring family can really voice their opinions to me or somewhat put the pressure on me about my dating life. {which i guess would be slightly non-existent at the moment.} Of course I value their opinions and I love hearing them. I carefully think about what they say and honestly take them to heart. 

That being said, I truly truly value who I am as BRIANNA. And who is that I guess you're wondering?!? I'm just not the type of girl to "pursue" so to speak. I feel like, just as Michelle said, that for me searching for Mr. right isn't the love story that is already planned out for me. Do I want a Mr. Right in my life, well OF COURSE I do! And much sooner rather than later. But I don't believe that he is someone that I will have to pursue. Like Michelle said, I {brianna} am a fabulous gal and one day {my} man will realize that and that will be it. No forcing! No making things fit. I truly honestly know in my heart this will just happen for me. Will it take some putting myself out there? Absolutely! Will it take risks? Absolutely! But what it won't take is making & forcing something because you think it might be able to turn into something else. I believe I will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is something more there and it will click on its own!

Again, I do value everyones opinions and I do love hearing them so please don't stop giving them because I mean that from my heart. I do take your opinions deeply to heart and I do think about them and measure them out one by one.

Here are a few clips from Michelles post...

PLEASE please, stop by So Worth Loving and read Michelles post! I think you will be able to see my view on my love life much more clearly.

Thanks friends

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Anonymous said...

Brianna, God has someone wonderful saved for you! I just know it. You are an amazing gal and you deserve the absolute best! So, you should never settle. You are right that it should be easy. You are so lucky to have a great family, especially a daddy who you seem so close to! Love you girl!
Leah B.