May 28, 2013

Beach pt.2

I've been thinking it was MONDAY all day.
Well just so you isn't;)
Here is round two of beach photos!

We had the b e s t time together. Best Beach trip of my life...and I have been on a whole lot of fun beach trips! This one topped all of them by far! I love my best friend and her boo!!!! 

We were so sad to leave. Didn't want to go at all and I hope we all get to go back much SOONER rather than later. 

We drove drove drove! I learned my way around new places of Florida. And i learned new ways to travel through florida. It was so fun for me!

Frannie and I had talked and talked and talked. It was very therapeutic!!!

Can't wait to go back with those two.
Hope you all had an awesome long weekend!


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