April 21, 2013

Weekend Fun. New Friends.

Last Sunday, I found myself visiting a new church. I can't quite tell you how I even ended up there, other than the fact that God had me there for a specific reason. The people of the church were SO friendly and introduced me to people my age! This weekend I had a FANTASTIC time hanging with these new friends.

Friday we saw the movie 42. This is a GREAT movie! I can't lie...the last movie I saw at the theater I fell asleep in. So just the fact that I stayed wide awake during the whole thing definitely says something!

Yesterday they invited me out to the lake. Seriously was so much fun. We sat around, some fished...and unfortunately caught nothing. One, Paul, jumped in the lake and probably instantly regretted it and his sweet pupster Layla followed right behind him. We grilled out, sang some tunes, built a fire, made s'mores and just had a good ole time. Fun Fun day! 

I'm pretty super thankful that somehow God led me to Epic last sunday.
Had fun new friends. You guys are crazy!!!! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday! I'm going to soak up this Sunday. You know Sunday is my favorite day of the week:) So please dear God let it CREEEEEP by!


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