February 6, 2013


Ello you. We made it through Wednesday!!! and I love that. Just two more work days and I am off to birmingham....SO excited. 

I wanted to share my look from today. I felt really girly in this yellow dress. I usually wear very neutral and not so bright colors. Well, today was obviously an exception and I didn't hate it.

Are you a bright shade sort of person, or do you tend to wear more neutrals?!??
Just curious.

Tonight I went to bible study and I just have to say, I absolutely LOVE the girls I have become so close to. They are the sweetest girls. This new study we started I think I am really going to enjoy. I am SO thankful for these ladies and our friendship!!!

Tootle for tonight...this girl can barely hold her eyes open.


Slimming Style Secrets said...

What a great floral dress! I especially love the cute tie cinching you in at the waist.

Laura Wills said...

Love your dress! :)

Lulu xx


Laura Wills said...

Love your dress! :)

Lulu xx

Allyson said...

I've always been jealous of people who can pull off yellow because I sooooo can't!

Sonia said...

Such a lovely outfit! The yellow really suits you! Lovely blog and post! :)