February 4, 2013

Fashionably Budgeted

Hey friends.
Tonight is my new launch with a new challenge. 
If you know me, you know I am a BARGAIN shopper. I really don't know if I buy anything that isn't on sale, as far as apparel & accessories go. 

When I'm out shopping, I will only be looking for items that are reasonably priced...and not only that, but are ON SALE!! ON SALE ONLY. And that isn't all either....it has to be $10 or less!!! Wowzerrr this will definitely be a challenge, but its one that I know I can make work. What I will do is purchase a new item that is $10 or less, then pair it with pieces that I already currently own to make them current and stylish!!!!

Now, don't get me wrong....I will have a shopping splurge every now and then, I'm not saying I wont ever purchase fully priced items. But I will definitely be purchasing new pieces with this challenge in mind. 

The Fashionably budgeted posts will be a once a month post...If I have more than one a month thats okay, right? ha. 

So lets go... HERE is FEBRUARY's Fashionably Budgeted look. enjoy!
Denim & Lace

My lace top is from a boutique in Birmingham. I bought this top to wear to my 23rd Birthday dinner! Sooo it's almost two years old. I LOVE this top. I always wear neutral colors so thats the main thing I adore about this pretty lace top.

My Denim Jacket is the main score for this Fashionably Budgeted look. This Jacket was a Thrifted snag costing me a WHOLE $3.00. Score. Score. s c o r e.

I paired these tops with black tights, and my go-to boots!!!
So i hope you like my look for tonight! I'm enjoying it.

Feel free to join in on this challenge...it's pretty darn fun!


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