February 19, 2013

Top Two CV

Hey You!! It's that time of the week as always. TOP TWO TUESDAY. One of my FAVE days of the week! Today TT is all about Cynthia Vincent.
THe prints that Cynthia Vincent uses are so inspiring and I LOVE a good & fun print, yet still being sophisticated and that is EXACTLY what cynthia does with her designs. They are gorgeous. Here are my Top Two Picks. Enjoy.
Henley Blouse. You've probably gathered by now that I wear VERY neutral shades, if not black 70% of the time. That's just what I love. I've tried to get around it, but just cant seem to give in. It's just me! I LOVE this because it's fun yet toned down because of the neutral tones.

Pyramid Shift Dress. This dress is SO pretty and girl. So so so fun for warm weather. And that weather, I can't wait for its arrival. I think I am dying over so many other pieces from Cynthia. in. love.

What are your top picks from Cynthia Vincent?!
share away.


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