December 23, 2012

Fun Quick Catch up!

Ello! ITS CHRISTMAS. Ahh and I absolutely  l o v e it! I've been soaking up the family time like Crazy!!!!

I had Christmas time with the Adams family. It was great! 

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4photo 5

Frances got me custom designed jewelry to match my FAVORITE necklace! Sweet Mary Mac & Mr. Gary got me a Keurig!

AND FRIDAY was a super exciting day.

photo 1

Sweet Precious Beautiful Baby Harper Mason Adams was born. Lydia & True seriously have the most beautiful children! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE them SOOOO much. I'm so blessed to have this whole family in my life and I can't for the life of me figure out why I have been so blessed. I don't deserve any of it!

photo 3OH I finished up ALL of my Christmas goodies. They are all packaged up SO cutsie. 

It's been a GREAT weekend. I have the sweetest family. I spent the entire day yesterday just hanging out and baking things with my mom:) It was a blast. We also went to a Christmas Party. I finished up the night with great at World Market and getting coffee with my girls, Rae, Reisa, & Reilly, then waffle house and telly with J. Really GREAT night:) 

So yeah....obviously my Christmas days are going perfect. Now I'm off for Church!

Bye for now



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