September 25, 2012

Top Two

Hi there. is 11:38 and I am just now blogging for Tuesday. NOT OKAY in my opinion. I hate so bad that my blogging has been so out of whack for the past couple of months. Again, like i've already told you, this isn't  going to be a constant thing at all! It's just going to be this way for the remainder of the time we have to work on this project for work that has been keeping me super busy so late. It's all good though. I am still LOVING it. Tiring?!? Why YEAH it is. But fun none the less. Oh gah I must beat the clock!! 

It's time for TOP TWO... and it my loves is all about KENZO. And I could seriously just cry because I love my picks so SO much. I want them my possession. I would do almost anything to wake up in the morning and some magical fairy has so graciously delivered them to me. ahhh dreamy.

Anyway on with the picks I guess


Puffed Sleeve Kenzo Logo Top.

I need right this second. Please Please Please, if you're a family member click on the link and buy me this for Christmas. Please Im begging. I'll love it and cherish it forever and eternity.


Pleated Cropped Pants.

Umm Hi gorgeous green. I am in love with you. and those SHOES. love. This whole entire look I just love.

KENZO has stolen my heart...its official. It is now 12:02 and I have officially missed Tuesday's post. But we are going to look over that tonight. Just forgive me this one last time. I PROMISE I will be back to normal blogging schedule soon. Hopefully Hopefully soon!

Tootles for now


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