September 5, 2012

Homemade Croutons

I'll take a little salad with my Croutons and Dressing Please!? 

Do you ever do this?!? I definitely do, especially when it comes to Ruby Tuesday's style Croutons! Ruby Tuesday's has (in mine, & my brothers opinion) the BEST darn croutons on the planet.   Well guess what I have here for you on Creative Share Night? You guessed it! 

HOMEMADE Croutons.

& yes they are very similar to the ones you will find at your Ruby Tuesdays! Here's what you'll need...


3 Cups Honey Wheat Bread, Cubed

Garlic Salt

2 Cups Canola Oil


Cut the loaf of bread into cubes...your preference on the size.  Deep fry for about 1 to 2 minutes. They should not come out solid but semi soft. As the croutons come out of the deep fryer, sprinkle with garlic salt. Enjoy with your favorite salad or soup!!!


Well it's down hill for the rest of the week.

tootles for now.


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