August 27, 2012

l i f e

 Hi there. If you've noticed lately my blog posts have been somewhat short and not the typical "Brianna" Post. I am so drained by the end of the work day and night with this project at work going on.

My hope, wish, prayer for this week is not only that God give me the endurance that I need to accomplish these work hours, but that he also cleans up the weather forecast and gets it looking a lot better for the labor day weekend at the beach. I need it. I really really do this time. I've never worked so hard on something. Other than being exhausted every single night I really absolutely LOVE what we've been doing. 

Just know that I miss my normal blogging schedule. And if you love Itsy Bitsy, please help me out with something. Lets keep each other encouraged. We all could use it....all day, everyday.

Love you my little readers. Thanks so much for being so awesome. I don't know if I tell you enough.

bysie bye.


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