August 28, 2012

I'll have a tall glass of Kors Please

Hi. Tonight I want to share this photo with you!

Just a small collage of our night finishing up the FIRST set of books for this project! Tonight we packaged up this entire model (we have 4 sets in all...three to go!) We've been working working working as you've read about....It's a lot of work but like i've already mentioned I am LOVING the hands on work. I can't help it. I just have so much creative energy to get out.

Okay so now for a normal and typical blog post. It's time for TOP TWO.

This Tuesdays TT is all about Michael Kors


Shirred Top & Wide-Leg Pant

I am a short girl. So, these style and cut of trousers lengthen my legs. With the perfect pair of wedges, these give the illusion that I am a little taler than what I really am. LOVE THESE!


This ANORAK snap down I am completely completely in LOVE with. I will be need this as soon as it starts to get cold. I feel like since Florence sits right on the Tennessee River, it's so much colder here. So a new coat is a must for this cool fall and cold cold winter. Oh I will be making this purchase soon!

Stop by MK! Have a looksie, come back and tell me what your TOP TWO picks are!

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