August 30, 2012

Fabric & Miss Annie's

My day was full of FABRIC.

FABRIC. Oh good thing I absolutely LOVE it! People keep walking by while Im working and make comments about how I probably can't wait until this huge project is finished. Well, actually, I might cry when it's finished. I have been loving every split second of it. 

Large giant bolts before, and  little over seven hours later, 

I have beautifully arranged and nicely cut strips of fabric! Ahhh it's soooo pretty. 

So after a long days work of cutting and cutting the hours away, I finally got some FRIEND time with Frances and we went to dinner with her family and friends for her Aunt Frans Birthday! 

I now have a NEW FAVORITE place.

Miss Annie's Restaurant and Beer Garden is AMAZING.

Great ATMOSPHERE as well as great food is hard to come by as a pair sometimes. Most places have one thing but lack the other. Frances is thinking of having a party here in the near near future. And hopefully she will let me in on the planning process. (winkwink Frances. You're the boss lady!)

Well well, I'm off to PACK.

We are heading to the beach tomorrow for a long weekend of relaxation. I think after these long nights and long hours of working away, Frances and I definitely need a vacay. 



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