July 29, 2012

Weekend Photos.

Morning! It's finally SUNDAY. I love love LOVE sundays. Church & Family day. Although I'm not with my real family today, I am SO blessed to be with a family that truly feels just like family. I love it here. Yes, of course I miss MY family because there is NOTHING like them, (Lord Help Them;)) but the Adams family is one-in-a-million. I'm SO blessed. 

So today, I will be going to church. Then....probably relaxing and jewelry making. then, cooking, eating....and whatever else. Then Later on I plan to see my friendy Adrianne! Woo hoo Good day ahead. 

Here are a few photos from the weekend! Here's the rundown of them....My mom and Reilly came for a short visit friday night. We shopped a little, had delicious Ricatonis for dinner, and shopped a little more. Saturday, I was lazy for a long time. I cleaned my car, bought groceries. Last night I went shopping some more. Found the pants I have been patiently looking so hard for and scored a nice blazer on sale...like $7 kind of on sale. I was a little ECSTATIC. I will post these pants when I wear them...I'm saving them until FRIDAY!!!!


P.S. I still Love my Job! I spent most of friday gluing fabric into a leather option book. To some people that sounds terrible, but I love love LOVED it!!! Love it.

How has the weekend been for you?!? Did you make any new memories.?



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