July 30, 2012

Madewell Favorites. BE YOU.

Hello there. Was today Monday? Oh yeah it was, but for me, it didn't feel like the typical monday. Despite my lack of sleep last night and weird dreams when I was sleeping, today was actually really great. I felt like I got a whole lot accomplished at work, and I feel like I'm finally getting in my own groove in my section. Then I also have to keep telling myself, I have only been there for one month. So, I am still learning!  How was Monday for you? I hope wonderful. 

Now, I'm just praying praying praying that the rest of the week will go by like today! Frances & I are BEYOND ready for our weekend in Huntsville.

Tonight I have a FAVORITES list for you. Madewell Favorites. Enjoy.

Utility Popover Top

Chambray Avalon Dress

Sunglasses Scarf

Louise Lace Sleeve Top

La La Land Map Scarf

Tunic Dress

High Riser Jeans

What styles and fashions are you into right now? I am constantly CONSTANTLY fashion hunting. It's like I'm itching to get home sometimes to see what might possibly be something I haven't seen yet.

Sometimes, I feel like my style is so out there. But, at the end of the day, I don't want to change the way I am just to fit in with the norm. I'm going be Brianna. And if that means wearing funny printed pants, I'm going to do it. Today, I did indeed wear FUN printed pants. AND I LOVED IT. 

Be Bold. Just be YOU!

Bye Bye for tonight



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