July 10, 2012

New FAB Skirts!

Hi. Frances & I wore cute new skirts today!

We had a BLAST making them last night. France breezed through making hers. She made it look so simple with NO complications. Mine, on the other hand, gave me FITS. I don't know what was wrong...everything kept being finicky when I would touch it. After taking a few deep breaths and having more patience than I knew I had, I finally had a finished product!

None the less, as always we had a BLAST together! 

This is only the beginning of our skirt making and whatever else we come up with to make! Here are a few more photos that we snagged tonight of my skirt. Enjoy.

So, tell me TELL ME...what do you think? It reminds me of Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors! So fun.

Want a skirt? Just email me or Frances at FABgals@gmail.com and we will be glad to get started on one of these FAB skirts just for you!!! OH and like us on Facebook! We are working hard to get our Facebook page back up and running regularly!!! 

Bysie for now loves


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