May 23, 2012

Good Friends & Easy Centerpiece

Hey my dear friends.

I have had a really great day. BUSY work day. Worked late. Typical.

My GREAT friends Whitney & Michael were driving through from Florida to visit in Florence, so they so kindly waited on me to get off so we could grab a quick dinner together! I haven't seen them in almost a YEAR! 

I was SO excited to see Whit!!! She's such a great friend. Her and Michael are just SO MUCH FUN to be around. They are hilarious and adorable together. In just a few weeks I will be visiting them in FLORIDA. Gosh I can't wait! It's going to be SO much fun.

Tonight for Creative Share, I wanted to show you these simple centerpieces that we made for Raeghan's Graduation Party.

All you need for these adorable pieces are

A couple of Glass Cylinder Vases (All of mine were $1 from the Dollar Tree)

8 x10 Prints, Your personal choice of color or B&W photographs

Marker, Scissors, & Tape

Pretty Flowers

To make the centerpeices, you simple roll the photo inside out and put it inside of the vase. Depending on the size of the vase you purchase, you might have to trim the photo. Using a marker mark around the edge of the top of the vase so you will know how much you need to trim off. Remove the photo from the vase, and cut the excess part of the print off. Now roll the photo so that the image is facing out. Place that inside of the vase, letting it form to the inside of the vase. Now using a small piece of tape, secure the edge of the photo so that it stays in a cylinder shape.

Place the pretty flowers inside the vase and arrange them as needed!

That's it. A personal and greatly budgeted way to add a nice touch to any table.

Tootles for tonight. I have a BUSY day tomorrow. Work then RAEGHAN is Graduating from JCIB. ughhh I can't believe my little Raeghan is graduating. AND in a few weeks we will be laying on the beach soaking up the gorgeous Florida sun rays together.

Talking about past memories and planning new ones.



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