May 20, 2012

busy little lady

Hey Hey Hey.

I have been a busy little lady. It has been insane. This entire week I have spent SO much time with my auntie.She is giving Sweet Raeghan a graduation Reception. It is going to be so MAJOR. Seriously, that's an understatement. She comes up with GREAT ideas. I then become the executer and that title I am SO overjoyed to have. I love love love more than anything taking ideas and running with them....its actually when Im at my best. 

Raeghan has worked SO hard in school at JCIB and it is all paying off. It's the least we can do to show her how proud we are!! She knows. 

So I MUST hurry and get ready to see my church 29:11 church family who I LOOOOVEEEE so much.

I will be back later with RECEPTION photos and LOTS of them.



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