April 13, 2012

Reilly's "Feathered Friend" Style

Hi hi:)

It IS the weekend Finally!

I have one last styled post for you and one last thanks to Design Seed for another color palette. I am loving loving loving her palettes. They are gorgeous.

And here it is Reilly's "Feathered Friend" Style. 


Reilly Reilly Reilly. Oh where to begin? She is all into jewelry, makeup and dressing up! Last sunday, she raided my makeup and cosmetics. I just LOVE it. I love the thought she might possible love products almost as much as I do. LOVE it. 

Her look is a lot less bright than her normal style, but she pulls it off perfectly and looks stunning. Again, she is wearing beautiful lace.

I'm heading to make some s'mores! FUN. Yum.

Bye for now.


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