March 13, 2012


Hi my little cupcakes.

It's that time of the week once again....TOP TWO time.

This week, I'm sitting here looking at an online shop that is overwhelming. Why so? Because the man of my dreams dresses from head to toe in this stylish fashion. I can't help it...I find it really attractive when a male is into fashion. So right now, I'm having the HARDEST time picking my Top Two favorite items from TOPMAN USA!

My Handsome friend Jacob told me about TOPMAN USA.

Hold it hold it!!!

NO this isn't a model from TOPMAN, although he probably could be.

That's my friend Jacob. He's a looker, huh?

Aside from his really great personality, huge smile and beautiful blue eyes, Jacob has a really really fantastic style, and I LOVE it!

So now I guess I can get back to my TOP TWO picks from TOPMAN USA

When it comes to men's fashion, I am a sucker for a couple of things...These two things encompass all of those things!


I love love LOVE a guy in a tank! I do.

I'm just being honest!

BUT, Add stripes to that...PERFECT


A Perfectly fitted and tailored suit with perfect and crisp lines.

Add a Striped Tie to this...and that also becomes PERFECT!  

So there are my picks... Thanks Jacob for telling me about the shop!

Now you lovely readers go to TOPMAN USA and tell me what your favorites are.  

ALSO one more thing that I definitely need you to do, GO HERE and listen to John & Jacob....You will fall in love INSTANTLY.

Bysie Bye


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